Educators as Designers:
Introduction to Cultures of Thinking
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Educators as Designers: Introduction to Cultures of Thinking (EaD:CoT) is a customized professional development opportunity designed to introduce your faculty and staff to Ron Ritchhart’s important work around building cultures of thinking for educators and students.

Participants will:

  • Understand what is meant by “cultural forces” to be mastered when creating a Culture of Thinking in their classroom (or other educational setting).
  • Identify opportunities to deepen students’ thinking by engaging them in core thinking routines from Making Thinking Visible.
  • Collaborate with educators from your own environment to build a network of support for ongoing teacher-learning.

Using our studio model of professional development we will explore what creating a culture of thinking means, and specifically focus on the cultural force, “Routines” as a way of making thinking visible with your students and/or staff. Engaging others in thinking routines is a practical entry point into the work of creating a culture of thinking in your setting, and a powerful way of unlocking individual’s’ capacity for social, emotional and intellectual learning and deep understanding.

At Wholemindesign we believe that you must experience something yourself in order to effectively teach it to others, so during our sessions we will collaboratively engage in routines such as:

  • Walk, Connect, Reflect
  • Generate, Sort, Connect, Extend
  • Color, Symbol, Word
  • See, Think, Wonder
  • Painted Reflections

Each session will include time for planning, reflecting and collaborating, and you will walk away with tools you can immediately use with your colleagues and students.

If you attend multiple session there will also be time to give and get feedback as you prototype your ideas in your setting.

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    “Meeting across an entire school year was really helpful to keep my long term planning grounded in the work of design thinking. I've seen my students' critical thinking skills grow immensely through this work. ”

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