The purpose of our People-2-People Fellowships is to directly connect donors to the educators who are developing innovative teaching practices to positively affect the lives of their students.

When the question is posed to community members, teachers, parents, and employers: “What do you want the children in your life to be like as adults?” the answers always include: “creative, resilient, curious, independent, joyful, empathetic, confident, able to take action”. In order to achieve this we need to move toward more integrated and innovative teaching practices that take advantage of cutting edge research. Wholemindesign is responding with tools, methodologies and new structures of professional development for educators who are working to make a positive difference in the lives of their students.

Wholemindesign connects you with outstanding educators focused on enhancing children’s thinking and learning. We are a 501C3 organization and 100% of your gift goes directly to supporting educators’ access to innovative professional development experiences designed to empower teachers and children. As a donor, the impact of your gift on the specific individuals you are supporting will be made visible to you.

We invite you to be a part of a network of like-minded philanthropists and social innovators creating hope for educators and students to be creative, resilient, curious, independent, joyful, empathetic, and confident contributors to their world.

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The Eric and Janna Oddleifson Fellowship

OddleifsonEric and Janna Oddleifson are deeply passionate about the role that education can play in transforming a person’s life. Eric was a businessman and amateur clarinetist who worked tirelessly to promote the value of creativity and the arts at the center of learning. He was Co-Founder and Vice-President and Treasurer of the Arts|Learning Board, whose life-long commitment to providing arts education for all students has impacted countless lives. Through his writings, community service and leadership, Eric Oddleifson contributed his talents, his time and his resources to transforming education by placing the arts at the center of learning.

Janna is an educational therapist who works to engage individuals in alternative ways of learning beyond what traditional schooling typically provides.  She advocates on behalf of those with exceptionalities to find ways to help them succeed and put their strengths and talents into action.  She is the co-author of, Unlocking the Potential of Adults with Learning Differences; A Guidebook For Adult Basic Education and Literacy Programs. She and her colleague Kathleen Quinn say, “In our view, describing the learning capacity of students with LD as different rather than disabled acknowledges the important fact that they are normally intelligent people who have unique patterns of learning strengths and weaknesses.  It is our hope that in the near future, the negative and restrictive label of learning disability will be more universally replaced with the more positive and accurate term of learning difference.

The Dr. John Lampe Robertson and Rachel Smith Robertson Fellowship

People 2 People John and Rachel RobertsonJohn Robertson was a beloved small-town doctor who compassionately cared for generations of people. He was also an award-winning philtatelist, who enjoyed creating and exhibiting unique stamp collections which gave him the opportunity to travel and get to know new people. He loved music, art, and a good conversation.

Rachel Robertson comes from a family of artists. Her home is full of tapestries, rugs, and furniture she designed and brought to life, as well as many beautiful pieces of art she gathered from her travels around the world. Together they raised 5 children in Warren, Pennsylvania.

The Charles and Jackie Mitchell Fellowship

The Charles and Jackie Mitchell FellowshipBoth Charlie and Jackie were committed educators for over 50 years. They devoted their lives to empowering children in and out of the classroom.

Charlie served his community as a dedicated public school teacher, a passionate coach and as a faithful leader in a variety of service organizations. He valued the challenge of tough questions, creative problem solving and perseverance in his own learning and worked to bring this model of inquiry and resilience to his students in his professional practice.

Jackie created her dance studio with the purpose of growing creative confidence in each of her dancers. Her studio was alive with artistic experimentation and joy. She continues to find great happiness in the long lasting relationships that were formed with so many of her students.